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About Taiband

Tai-Band was founded in March 2010, in Shanghai, China.  Its main focus is to import and export non-woven fabric. There are multiple usages of the non-woven fabric including household, business, medical, personal hygiene, infants and beauty.  Tai-Band strives to produce in premium quality, to continuously offer new products with the latest technology and establish longer-term partnerships with businesses worldwide. We have a team of researchers on staff to allow a presentation of the client’s needs within a short period of.  Our sales staff has also been through meticulous training courses to maintain up-to-date knowledge in the industry.  We can offer anything what our client  needs.


*Company Objective
Our goal is to obtain and produce the newest ideas with highest quality using the latest technology within the non-woven industry in Shanghai. With our vision to provide the best customer care, consistent quality, the enthusiastic energy of our staff plus the competitiveness in pricing to keep our partners satisfied. By keeping our partners satisfied, we’ll be able to maintain longer-term sales relationships we strive for.



Tai-Band has always insisted on continuous innovation of thinking, and study in new product development, establish a product brand, to the leading competitors. To accumulate in the practical operation experience, continually strive for excellence, commitment to technology development and water weaving effort to the promotion of various products, committed to the popularization of the non-woven applications.


We strive to provide the best quality per customer request.  Our ability to provide such is with the latest production machinery plus following a strict guideline for our finished products.  In order to achieve the precision in our finished goods, we have
multiple teams responsible for various meticulous tasks to ensure a professional outcome. 


We train our customer service staff to consider the position of the serviced party in order to relate and understand the situation for proper care.  Providing the best quality of products with the most reasonable pricing of the season is our biggest promise to our customers. In addition, as we continue to research the market to understand the latest development will allow Tai-Band to enter a new level of Competitiveness. 


*Enterprise value
Reliable, Cleanliness and Eco-friendly.


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